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Akhshar was a city on the last bay appropriate for a port on the southern coast of the desert. It lay between the Dark Lands and Toyurasi. It was originally destroyed by the Steppelanders, and was given over to the Dead by Khimel Dragonmage. It was restored from its prior state by the work of Mialar of Jirel, Sherin of Jirel, Rhiann Calasti, Magnus Caryton, and Kalissa Nocturne. It has a faedh grove in a hidden area within it. It was later ruled by Lord Rhiann Calasti, and the rule passed down first to Lord Tainen Calasti, his son, then to Lady Kiera Calasti, Tainen's daughter. It is currently being ruled by Kiera's son, Relyn Calasti.

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