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Timeline for books: note all years are noted as after the founding of the Karyn Empire

Justice Bringer= 318 First part of By Railah’s Justice= 1623 Second part of By Railah’s Justice= 1633 Daughter of the Phoenix= 1639 Dragon Fang Phoenix Fire= 7826 In the Phoenix’ Service= 7847 What the Dead Guard= 7850 Heirs of the Phoenix= 7912 Heirs of the Serpent= 7813 For the Love of a Goddess= 7918 Echoes of Time= starts in 7920 Serpent’s Fang= 7930 SoulSinger= 7831 A Service for Jirel= 7833 And They Wept Crystal Tears= 7842 Door of Demons- 7959 A Difference of Opinion= 7960 One Evening= 7968 Child of Heaven, Spawn of Hell= 7980 For the Sake of a Flower= 7990 For the Sake of Beauty= 7994 Shadows and Claws/Dagger of Deception= 8000 Chrysalis of Shadows/Revealing the Shadows= 8007 The Challenge= 8010 The Burning Steppe= 8020 Bound by Blood= 8037 Circle of Blood= 8039 Without Memory= 8046 Anelia’s Price= 8064 Winning an Enemy= 8064 Songmaster=s Daughter= 8064 Kings of Summer and Winter= 8064-8065 In the Ghost’s Shadow= 8086 Dah’ral Quatrain= 8095 Painter and the Serpent= 8101 Wisdom of the Steppe= 8102 Assassin’s Gambit/Swordsong= 8103

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