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Toyurasi, once also labeled the Kingdom of a Thousand Songs, is a country on the eastern side of the Great Desert. It is bordered on the north by two mountain ranges, the Li Xiri, and the Ne Haral. North of those mountain ranges exists both the eastern edge of the Wild Steppe, and the strange lands ruled by the Mayisna, Methil'dga and it's surroundings. Toyurasi is the only land, other than the Wild Steppe, which acknowledges no gods, to allow slavery in its environs. The gods have slowly begun pushing back against the traditions of slavery, though it is slow work. Much of the work that has been done on that has been due to Jirel's Ban, though also the Great Magic performed by Maskar and Virea in Song of Change. Women in Toyurasi can own nothing of their own, and, if they lose a male guardian of some form (father, brother, husband, or son), they can oftentimes be forced to sell themselves into slavery to survive. It is a land where the people are very focused on appearances of power and control, and has only limited contact with the western part of the world.

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